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Wideband - AFR Gauge

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Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Gauge
52mm (2 1/16") 0-5 volt

Utilizing the latest Bosch wideband O2 sensor -5 wire heated 4.9 (Prosport Inc. is the only one in the USA to use them) our gauge now has the widest range 10.0:1 to 20.0:1 AFR readings on the planet.
Featuring Blue LCD readout in the center of the gauge and a bar-graph style LED's around the outside of the gauge that change from green(Rich) to Yellow(Optimal) to Red(Lean) for immediate reference to AFR.

This is a complete kit that includes everything you need:

AFR digital Gauge
Bosch 4.9 5 wire heated O2 sensor
Weld in Bung
Wiring harness(Gauge to O2 sensor) Plug and play

Product Added: December 16, 2008
Part Number: dfdd00200
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