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SRT4N Fuel Pressure Regulator and Filter

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The factory SRT4 does have a fuel filter and they recommend that you replace it every 100k miles. I say change it every 30k because I have seen the dirt that comes out of them at 45k miles. These are the stock FPR/filter that is located on the top of the fuel pump under the passenger side rear door. They are easy to change and very little to no fuel gets spilled during the change of filters making for an even better reason you should change yours out ASAP.

These are factory originals that are brand new ready to get installed in your car. Some of the benefits we have seen when changing out the filter.

Better AFR’s (more fuel at redline since the pump doesn’t have to fight the clogged fuel filter)
Less fuel pump noise
Helps the longevity of the fuel pump
Cooler fuel (the less the pump has to work the cooler the fuel is)
Less chance of motor failure due to “lack of fuel” issues

Now we have also found that the stock o-ring on the end of the regulator will leak when higher pressures are applied to the fuel system (return line with a RRFPR). So for this we have an option of adding one of our custom made fuel safe o-rings that have a better seal to keep the fuel where is belongs.

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Product Added: March 26, 2007
Part Number: dfdd00083
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