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Neon SRT4 Crank Strap Kit

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Worried that you’re making too much power that you might drop the bottom end? Need that Extra assurance on your high powered motor? We offer a strap kit for the SRT4 to keep your crankshaft, girdle and oil pan in tact when you’re making passes down the track or even making a few pulls on the back roads.

The kit consists of a 4140 billet with stud kit. 4140 has been stress relieved and treated spot faced holes for a "true" alignment to the crank we use the bolt holes for the balance shafts as well to make it a full 4 bolt support on two of the straps. So you have a very high HP car and want additional support for the crank, we have your needs taken care of. Now what about your basic guy that wants this kit? Not a problem and to be honest anyone running over 450 WHP would benefit from this kit no questions.

The ones running very high HP will have the most to gain not only from the additional support but also from keeping the bed plate "happy" and aligned with the crank.

What we need: Your bed plate off the motor you are going to be working on. We have a 3 to 5 day turn around time with the occasional delays (shop load and vacation dates). This is a complete kit, no need to pick up misc parts or to get "other" items taken care of.

Tork Motorsports
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Product Added: February 25, 2009
Part Number: dfdd00213
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