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Mazdaspeed Custom Ground Cams

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Yep, we have cam profiles for your Mazdaspeed 3/6.

Here are the profiles for the DFDD cams.

Intake Cam: Advertised 272

Duration @ .050


Lobe Center

Exhaust Cam: Advertised 272

Duration @ .050 205


Lobe Center

These will work with the MAF set up on the car and will not set codes. These are designed for turbo charged applications and have a dry film coating on the lobes to protect them during break in.

You will have to set these up according to the service manual for clearance or we suggest that you send us your cylinder head or have a machine shop do it for you.

This profile will support 7200 RPM with very little lost on the bottom end or affect turbo spool times. If you have a particular cam profile you are interested in please contact us with your needs, thanks.

Tork Motorsports
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Product Added: February 28, 2009
Part Number: dfdd00230
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