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Mazdaspeed Crank Strap Kit

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The Mazdaspeed DI motors have a poorly designed aluminum crank girdle. We have done extensive simulations to verify the proper way to support the crank with the aluminum bottom support system.

What we have done is added support blocks that are made out of 4140 steel. The blocks are supported by custom ARP studs, nuts and washers.

The reason for the added support is to have something that will push back on the crank when the crank pushes on the crank girdle/lower block. These billet straps will support the cranks and from our simulations had 60% less deflection based on 4000 lbs of energy at 6700 RPM. The stock assembly would move up to .110 of an inch under the same load during our simulations.

Every one of the built DFDD motors will have one of our crank strap kits in it. This will keep the crank, rods, pistons, bearings and over all the motor much safer in your car.

All the work gets done with CNC equipment so repeatability is consistent. Every strap kit that we sell will require that you get the crank center line checked and sized before your build up. These are only necessary for those that are looking to run big power with their MS3/6.

We will need your crank griddle off the motor that you are building. It only works this way, we cannot send you a girdle off another motor, they will not line up correctly and cause fitment issues with the bearings and crank that you are using.
Turn around time is 10 to 14 days depending on work load.

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Product Added: February 28, 2009
Part Number: dfdd00229
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