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Mazdaspeed 3 Kicker Mount

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The only solution for your MS3 passenger side fix. Yes this is the correct way to fix your passenger mount without having to deal with the high failure rate of the the other guy's mounts. Keep your stock mount and get the correct fix.

What does this do?

Cures torque steer, eliminates most of your wheel hop and balances the motor under load in the chassis. Pretty much fixes 90% of the mount problems with your Speed 3.

Its adjustable to fit the multiple different mount on the market and to adjust it for track days or daily driving.

The current configuration is very poor with 2 mounts on one side and a single mount on the other. This kicker mount locates the mounts in a boxed configuration allowing your motor be balanced in the chassis.

It took a several attempts to get a passenger mount fix for the Speed 3, and with out further delay.... its ready.

Don't fall victim to another broken mount, get your "kicker" mount installed and feel safe knowing that your motor will not drop out or when the next mount will fail.

Initial picture is of the prototype only, finished product will be powder coated and have a double sheer point at the heim joint.

Tork Motorsports
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Product Added: April 21, 2009
Part Number: dfdd00245
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