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MazdaSpeed HPFP Upgrade (internals)

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The fuel pump upgrade for you MS is required when you start adding bolt-ons and turning up the boost. It should be one of the very first items you add to your car if you plan on going over the factory HP limits.

The factory pump is slow to build pressure and falls off from 5000 RPM up. The factory pump will deliver 1600 psi of fuel pressure from 3000 RPM to 5000 RPM and after that it seems to fall off to 1200 or 900 psi depending on modifications done to the car.

The DFDD pump builds pressure faster than any pump on the market; we have charts showing 1600 psi of fuel pressure as low as 1800 RPM and 2000 psi at 3300 RPM. The DFDD pump will not fall off pressure wise until you are running past the limits of the in tank pump (around 430 CHP). You will see 1700 to 1900 psi as the norm with the DFDD pump internals from 2500 RPM to redline, now you just have to put to use the fuel with more boost and bolt-ons.

The DFDD pump internals are the best on the market, hands down. We can state that because of the Q&A that the parts go through before we ship them out to you.


40% more volume and pressure over the stock assembly
First we start off with H13 tool steel
The piston and sleeves get machined out to .001 of the finished size
We then mag check every part for cracks or fault lines, discard any parts that have flaws
Heat treat 90% of the material thickness (not just a surface treatment, full heat treat)
We then zyglo the parts to check for any faults or cracks in the piston or the sleeve, discard any that donít pass
Then we grind them down to a .0001 finish size
Hand inspect every unit and x-ray the pistons for internal cracks, discard any that donít pass
Final polish down to a 00 quality and finish the fitment to a .00005 per part

This process insures that every piston will mate up to any sleeve. There is no hand fitting of the parts or testing of each unit as a ďSETĒ, and one sleeve will work with any one piston.

The quality control was put in place so that we can offer a lifetime warranty on the pump parts. We will replace any worn pump based on the original owners purchase of the parts for their car. This 8 step process insures that we have the most reliable pump on the market for your car. We know you only want to do this install one time, so why not make sure itís the last pump you ever have to install.

I want to comment on the heat treatment because this is the most important part of making the pumps live a very long and happy life in your car. The pumps need to have a point spread (Rockwell scale) from the sleeve to the piston. If you do not have this difference in hardness you will see premature wear on the pump parts. The factory pumps are very similar in design to ours. Our competition on the other hand, well they just batch harden (if they harden them at all) both parts and are done with it. This is the key to making a better pump.

Last thing to remember, we donít use an aftermarket retainer or locks to hold the pump in place. We simply use the factory retainer because it works better and is lighter than the other options or competitors pump end.

The pump upgrade from DFDD took 18 months to design and perfect, we are the only company that has taken the time to build a pump for your car that is not branded by another company. For this you get the best built, most tested, private labeled pump on the market.

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Product Added: August 15, 2009
Part Number: dfdd00261
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