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MazdaSpeed DISI Ultimate Motor

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Core: $1,600.00The price of this product is $4,295.00, and it has a core charge of $1,600.00 This means we will charge you $5,895.00. To get the core charge back, you must return the core (stock product) in good working order within thirty (30) days of order delivery.
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MazdaSpeed DISI Ultimate Motor

Let’s get to the details:

We start off with seasoned blocks only, this way we don’t have to deal with core shift over time/heat cycling of the motor. Crank centerlines are checked and the block is completely stripped of all core plugs and cleaned in an aluminum cleaning solution. Then we fill the block with aluminum block filler, this filler adds the rigidity to the lower end and has zero effect on the efficiency of the cooling system. The block deck is then squared and surfaced to the crank centerline. We then bore the motor with a TQ and finish hone the motor with the TQ plate still on the motor (this makes sure that the bore is true when the cylinder head is bolted down to the motor. The block is now ready for forged parts!

We have options for Wiseco, JE and CP pistons. All our motors get a .020 overbore piston and each ring is hand fit to the bore during final assembly.

We have options for K1, Carrillo, and Pauter rods. Please let us know your power levels and application so we can get you into the proper weight rod and piston combo.

Bearing clearances are important in the DISI motor due to its aluminum saddle there is excessive movement from the main bearings. This is taken into consideration when we build every motor for the DISI application. Rod bearing clearance is just as important, due to the rod-ratio and the movement from the aluminum crank saddle. All our testing was done prior to the release of this motor, thus you are getting the only proven and tested motor on the market.

All our motors get our proven crank strap kit; this kit resists the deflection from high RPM or high HP applications. The OEM crank girdle is aluminum which is not up to the task of holding the crank stable in the saddle under racing conditions. We install 3 strips of 1” x 1” x 3” 4140 billet straps to help stabilize the motor in the crank saddle. Under simulated testing these additional straps cut lower end movement by 82% in a 600 horsepower motor (all simulated).

Our motors get custom head studs and custom main studs to support the higher HP levels. All our studs, nuts and bolts come from ARP, they are just custom fit for this application. ARP hardware is a must for this application and our head studs are the first in the industry designed for full surface contact to the washer head and head contact to washer area!

Only the best for our customers! Balanced and blue printed motors are a must for our customers. Every single motor we sell comes balanced using the state of the art JWT balancer. This is a full digital balancer that can measure down to the .001 of a gram. We assemble every motor two or three times to make sure every clearance meets the specifications needed for racing or heavy street use.

Oil control, every motor we sell gets the balance shaft gear removed from the crank. We drill and tap the balance shaft control oil feed hole then install a pipe plug and stake that pipe plug in place. Last, we include our exclusive windage tray with every motor. This completes the oil control package and eliminates a great deal of the OEM oil build up issues in the intake manifold.

After everything is assembled, we bag, tag and date every motor. We keep the specifications on hand (sorted by tag number) for every motor sold.

This is same motor is the one powering the first 500 WHP MazdaSpeed 3 in the world!

What comes with every motor:

Windage Tray
Head studs (custom)
Billet strap kit (already bolted to the motor)
Main Studs
Head Gasket, 5 layer
Forged Pistons (Wiseco, standard)
Forged Rods (K1, standard)
Tri-metal bearings (rods and mains)
B/S delete
Block filled, per spec
Fully machined, balanced and blueprinted motor

If you have any questions on rod or piston options, please call. Current turnaround time on a motor is 4 weeks, but we do try to keep one on hand at all times. Please call if you need to check our current inventory.

All motors will be shipped via truck and come with a custom shipping container. There is a $100 charge for the shipping container refundable when we get it or your old core returned to us. Current core pricing is $1500 and a good core should have good rods, pistons and crank in the block still, no visible cracks or flaws should be present in your returned core to us.

Shipping costs are for the lower 48 states, if you need a motors shipped outside that area, please call.

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Product Added: January 05, 2013
Part Number: dfdd00363
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