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Hyundai Veloster Turbo Stage 0 Tune

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This is a Bench Flash Tune

Looking for more power from your Hyundai Veloster 1.6 turbo?

Would you like to get the advertised mileage?

Well, look no further!!!

We have an additional 20 WHP and 20 WTQ to add to your Hyundai Veloster 1.6 turbo. We have improved the throttle response to what it should have been from the factory. We have increased the MPG 5 to 15% (depending on driving style). We will make your Hyundai Veloster 1.6 turbo everything it should have been from the factory!

The tune is designed to be ran on 91 or 93 octane fuel. If you have a lower premium fuel octane than that, please contact us.

Tune details:

Increased rev limiter
Better MPG
Removed throttle lag
Removed turbo surge
Mod friendly options

How to process your order online:
Create an account
Pick the tune/shipping options that you want
Make sure you have the proper email, phone and shipping address listed in your account
Pay for tune!

Look in your email in box for a form you to fill out and send back with your PCM. You must include this form with the PCM, without it the PCM will not get flashed, it will sit on a shelf, it will get lost, it is useless to us. A PCM without paperwork is like a car without wheels... it will not be going anywhere!

Get that form filled out, put it inside the box with the PCM. Don't put the PCM inside of a padded envelope, it will break the connectors on the end of the PCM and ruin your PCM. Do, wrap your PCM in bubble wrap or some sort of padding.

Ship the PCM to the address listed on the paper work:

Tork Motorsports
3722 Auburn Way N
Suite 208
Auburn, WA 98002

We accept all forms of shipment at our location. We open at 10AM so make sure they know to deliver it after that time.

When we get your PCM, we will bench flash it for you the same day if possible, we will verify the flash and send it out with the shipping option that you choose when you placed the order.

That is the process... now lets talk about the tune.

If you own a Hyundai Veloster 1.6 turbo... you know that it is missing some things, well a lot of things! It also has some issues with throttle control and turbo surge.

Getting the additional power from the tune was easy and it made the car that much more "fun" to drive. The difficult part was getting the drive-ability of the car where it needs to be.

The throttle control was a major focus for us, we wanted to get rid of the horrible throttle lag when stepping on the throttle. We didn't want to make it to aggressive, yet it needed to be better. Well, we hit the nail on the head with that! I let several people drive the car with the stock tune, then the performance tune... some said that the throttle control could be more, other said it was perfect. I didn't get one person that said it was "too much". This was the goal!

Compressor surge... this one was difficult to address. We didn't want to have additional boost under low throttle but it needed to be "GONE"! Several of our test drivers complained about this when driving with the stock tune. With the performance tune only one of them noticed it was gone, the others said the car "accelerated so smooth we didn't even remember it happened with the stock tune". Getting rid of the compressor surge was important for us, for the primary reason, most Veloster customers complain about it.
The factory tune is not put together very well and our Stage 0 tune addresses all these issues. We fix the fuel table, fix the timing table and extend the RPM limiter to make the most of the stock tune. The Stage 0 tune is designed for those that donítí want to increase the boost limits or have any worries with the factory warranty.

Power! Yes the car makes more power but we don't justify the additional power by running dangerous boost levels or excessive lean condition... we make the power with proper application of tuning, timing adjustment for premium fuel, torque limits raised and fueling. We retain all the factory safety limits for boost, over-temp, over torque, wheel spin with brakes applied, ect. Our focus with the Stage 0 tune was simple, offer what it should have been from the factory. Add to that we have gotten rid of the dip in power curve at 5200 RPM.

The last item was mandatory for our tune, we needed to make it modular, make it so you can use it with the power adders already on the market/car. The stock AFR's target 11.8 to 10.0 AFR's. As you can see in the dyno charts we have managed to set a very smooth and consistent AFR curve. We have tunes that were made specific for your mods. Example being: You have intercooler, intercooler pipes, throttle body, exhaust. We have a tune for that combo! If you just have exhaust and cold air intake, we have a tune for you! If you are bone stock, no mods... not to worry, we have you covered!

NOTE: PLEASE PUT YOUR CURRENT EMAIL IN THE COMMENTS BOX WHEN YOU ORDER. THIS WAY WE CAN GET THE PAPER WORK OUT TO YOU ASAP! If you selected to include a spare ECU please include your vehicles build date and VIN number in the comment box


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Product Added: December 01, 2013
Part Number: dfdd00421
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