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Hyundai Elantra Sport FMIC

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We are happy to announce....
The Elantra Sport FMIC and Hotside Pipe upgrade!!!

Anywhere from 20whp-100whp gains depending on mods and tune on vehicle. OEM fmic is capped right around 220whp.

3.5 x 6 x 22 high eff core
Factory mounting points and 2 additional
Rounded end tank design
Direct fit replacement
Core is rated for 500 hp, but eff at 200 hp
Removes a massive restriction (see pics)
2.5" inlet and outlet
Ok, now that we have the details let's talk about the OEM unit. What were they thinking?
In the pictures below you will see that the factory outlet (cold side) intercooler is about the size of a quarter. What Hyindai did is took a 2 inch opening, and cut it in half. I want to thank them for this, because it should make our replacement intercooler make great power, pending we are not ECU limited.

This comes with both hot side and cold side piping. This will be the optimal solution for those looking to get the most hp from the kit.
The factory piping is 2.0" in diameter. We realized that was going to be a restriction, so we opted for the more efficient 2.5" inlet and outlet options. This allows for a much greater flow and supports future tuning to meet optimal performance. All out piping kits will also be 2.5".

Please allow 3-4 weeks for production

Product Added: December 11, 2017
Part Number: dfdd01044
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