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External Gate Exhaust Manifold

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Core: $100.00The price of this product is $799.00, and it has a core charge of $100.00 This means we will charge you $899.00. To get the core charge back, you must return the core (stock product) in good working order within thirty (30) days of order delivery.
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If you are looking for the max WHP from your Noen SRT4 stock turbo set up or the SST modified turbo, look no further.

What we do to this manifold:

Machine the scroll area
(Why do we do this?)
By machining the scroll area we can reduce back pressure and allow more flow into the turbine to drive the turbo. Thus dropping EGTs and allowing more exhaust gasses to escape making more room for the intake charge.
Replace the stock restriction in the turbo to O2 housing
(Why do we do this?)
The factory manifold has a pinch point in the area, causing the exhaust gases to choke out. We replace the factory part (cut and weld) with a part that moves an additional 40% more flow.
Full race port through the runners
Fill in the stock WGA flapper hole on both sides
(Why do we do this?)
When you switch over to the external gate you need to fill the factory waste gate hole. We take it one step further by filling not only one side but the runner side as well. This gets rid of the big dip on the runner side of the manifold. It not only helps flow but smooths the transition into the runners that feed the scroll area of the turbo.
Ceramic coat both the outside and the inside of the manifold

With all this work done there are huge gains to be had with either the stock turbo or the SST turbo. The gains are normally around 30 WHP on the stock turbo and 40 + on the SST turbo. As you can see the dyno chart shows the SST making over 390 WHP and we are running out of fuel in this dyno (needed bigger injectors).

We have a 5 year warranty against cracking with a free replacement policy if the cracks can not be repaired. (Not one unit has cracked to date (02-07-08). These manifolds are the end all to any manifold on the market if you want the maximum power from you stock manifold. There are on 2 of the only 11.xx second SRT's in the nation running on the stock turbo and on several 11.xx second SST's in the nation.

This is a must if you want the most out of your SST or you stock turbo!

These are a build to order part; deliver is 4 to 8 weeks depending on how many orders we have for them at one time. Normally we can get them out in less than 4 weeks, so keep that in mind.

Tork Motorsports
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Product Added: February 06, 2008
Part Number: dfdd00134
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