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Big Filter Kit

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Why do you need this?

Restriction in the stock oiling system. The stock oil cooler is very restrictive and keeps the oil too cool if you swap over to a lower temp t-stat.

What this offers?

More volume, larger filtering area, less pump load and best of all a good leak free fit with the DFDD exclusive spacer. We elected to not "stack" gaskets because of the issues with seepage between the gaskets. We decided to go the proper route and built a separator plate. Not only that but we use studs, nuts and lock washer to hold the adapter to the block... Much better way to hold a motor supply (lube) part together.

You need this if you are running low temp t-stat, over 400 WHP, or want the additional capacity that the larger filter has to offer.

Tork Motorsports
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Product Added: August 02, 2008
Part Number: dfdd00165
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