Fiat 500 Abarth Magnaflow 15211 Exhaust - 500 1.4T

Step 1: (Carefully read all instructions
before installation) Begin removal of the OEM
exhaust system by unbolting the two hole flange
from the Exhaust Manifold located at the front of the
vehicle and loosen the clamp located mid-exhaust.
Remove the hangers from the OEM insulators and
remove the exhaust system. Be careful not to
damage the OEM rubber isolators and save the
OEM fasteners as they will be re-used to mount the
new system.

Step 2: Using the OEM fasteners install the new
system by bolting up the Inlet Pipe Assembly to the
Manifold and by fitting the welded hanger into the
OEM rubber insulator. Use the supplied 2.50" clamp
to loosely fasten the Mid-Pipe Assembly to the Inlet
pipe Assembly and fit the welded hanger into the
OEM rubber isolators. Install the Muffler Assembly in
the same fashion.

Step 3: With all components mounted loosely,
adjust the system for overall aesthetics and
clearance of frame & bodywork. (MAGNAFLOW
recommends at least 1/2" of clearance between the
exhaust system and any body panels to prevent
heat-related body damage or fire.)

Step 4: Once a final position has been chosen for
the new system, evenly tighten all fasteners from
front to rear. The supplied band clamps must be
VERY tight to properly align the pipes and prevent
leaks (Approximately 40ft-lbs). Inspect all fasteners
after 25-50 m

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