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DamnFastDD Services

Below you will find prices for the various services offered by DamnFastDD. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Porting services: $125.00 per hour
  • Powder Coating services: Please call or email
    All of our powder coating services come with ultrasonic cleaning, tear down, assembly, and coating. We only blast with white aluminum oxide. This blast material allows for a better prep area than any other media on the market.
  • Fabrication of parts:: $150.00 per hour
    For parts that cannot be installed with simple bolt-on tools or need to be built to fit the application (no parts available for the application hence they need to be fabricated). Call for starting quote.
  • Engine and transmission over-haul:: $95.00 per hour
    This would be disassembling and assembly of parts to make whole again for performance motors and transmissions that are not basic rebuilds (custom work).
  • Dyno services (AWD Dynojet with twin eddy brakes and good for 1800WHP)::
    Hook and 2 pulls: $105.00
    Hook and 5 pulls: $125.00
    1 to 4 hours: $125.00 per hour
    Full day (8 hours): CALL
    DynoJet dyno and DynoDynamics are the current dyno options, please specify if you have a preference.
  • Engine swaps:
    We are swapping SR’s, CA’s, KA’s, LS1 and 1J/2J engines into many different platforms. Please call us for your engine swap needs.
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