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Rear Race Mount

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Do you have wheel hop with your MS3? The solution is here, the DFDD rear race mount will eliminate most of your wheel hop issues. We use a solid billet piece that is pressed into the mount and all the proper clearances have been milled into the billet insert to keep the mount in place.

The testing of this mount took over 6 months to complete making sure that it was "perfect" and worked as we had designed it. There will be more in cabin vibration with this mount and we have an option for a filled billet insert (non race) to lessen the vibrations inside the car. As with most billet mounts there is a "seat" time to get the mount into the best position. You can speed this up by moving the mount around to find the best and lowest vibration mounting point. It normally takes 4 to 6 weeks for the mount to seat and at that time the vibrations will drop considerably.

This is the ultimate mount for your MS3.

We need your old mount back so you can get your $50 core charge refunded to you.

Tork Motorsports
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Product Added: February 06, 2008
Part Number: dfdd00125
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