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Queasy (Quick and Easy)

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You want to do a return line but you don't want drill into your fuel tank or cut your filler hose? Now you don't have to, we have the answer and it is the Queasy. We call it the quick and easy to installing a return line for your SRT4. Itís a drop in part that goes where your stock FPR/filter was installed.

Itís set up to be run with either a 4AN fitting or a 6AN fitting for fuel return (you pick which one you need). This will be the end of difficult to install return lines. There is also a benefit to running this. It feeds directly back into the pump housing to keep the pump cool and make sure it has a consistent supply of fuel so there is never a "dry" condition in the fuel canister.

It has locking posts installed so you will never have to worry about it coming out of the pump housing and it is dual o-ringed to insure a leak free installation. Quick, easy and simple it doesn't get any better than this!!!

Tork Motorsports
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Product Added: February 04, 2008
Part Number: dfdd00118
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