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Neon SRT4 Ultimate Motor

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Core: $1,000.00The price of this product is $4,850.00, and it has a core charge of $1,000.00 This means we will charge you $5,850.00. To get the core charge back, you must return the core (stock product) in good working order within thirty (30) days of order delivery.
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You're looking for “THE” built motor but don’t want to spend $10,000… well look no further.

The DFDD built short blocks are motors built like no other in the industry. I will let the build sheet speak for itself.


Torn down with all pressed oil galley plugs and block freeze plugs removed
Pressure tested
All threaded holes are then tapped and cleaned in the block
Clean off all paint and every oil galley is wire brushed
Square and deck the motor to crank center line
Bore with DFDD’s spec deck plate using DFDD’s 5 layer head gasket and head studs
Machine the bed plate for strap kit
Thread, plug and stake the balance shaft oil feed hole
Assemble strap kit to motor align hone the crank bore (only company that offers this service)
We convert all the oil galleys over to threaded plugs and install new brass freeze plugs in the block (another first for the SRT4 motor)

The strap kit for our motors use the 4 additional bolts that the stock balance shaft bolted to. This gives an additional 20% surface area for the crank to push against in those really high HP applications. This is huge and another first for any engine builder for the SRT4N. We even go so far as to machine washer faces into the billet straps to keep them parallel to the bed plate/block mating surface. Last, we use nothing but the best treated 4130 billet for our crank straps and ARP fasteners to hold them to the motor.

When we are all done with the machining processes the whole assembly gets cryo treated.

Rotating assembly:

Balanced on the basis that these motors are going to be used for high RPM applications also known as “over balanced”. This is a special balancing procedure that allows for longer stroke motors (like the SRT4N motor) to be safe when running very high RPMs. The rods are balanced end for end not just weight matched, this makes for a huge difference for both idle quality and high RPM applications. We do our motors as “assemblies” so you're going to get a light weight flywheel and front pulley/ balancer (both are new) with our motors. These have been matched for the balance of the motor.

Pistons are JE or Wiseco. 8.5 to 1 for the JEs and 8.8 to 1 for the Wisecos. These are the dish pistons not the stoker look a likes. These are custom with short skirts, tool steel pins and premium ring packs. These also get cryo treated.

Rods are Eagle or Crower. We resize both the pin and the big end to meet our specs for 800 + HP applications, then cryo treat them.

Bearings are H series C77 with Calico coatings….nothing but the best.

The crank gets cryo treated then micro polished prior to getting balanced.


This is a true blue printed motor. We assemble, check the clearances then tear down to adjust. Assemble again, check and tear back down. It is not till the 3rd time that we do final assembly. Just before we do the final assembly the motor gets its final bath and a fresh coat of paint.

Every detail from rod side clearance, to pin to rod play has been checked. The motors will come with QC marks on them showing where we checked and rechecked the bolt TQ of several fasteners. This makes sure that every thing is 100% with your new motor. We then mark all the oil and coolant ports on the motor so you know where or if you have to plug a hole for your application.

Options for these motors are very limited but consist of:

Rods (material and manufacture)
Lower compression pistons (custom build only)
Low tension oil rings (race only)

What comes with this motor:

Head studs
5 layer head gasket
billet tensioner
big filter kit

If you were looking to get a motor built like this yourself the machine costs alone would be over $2500. Then you would have to add all the parts, assembly time and supplier delays. Save yourself some money and pick up the DamnFastDD ULTIMATE motor for your SRT4.

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Product Added: September 26, 2008
Part Number: dfdd00180
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