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Neon SRT4 Coilovers

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The DFDD coil overs are the most innovative coil overs on the market. They meet the needs for both track and daily driving. Adjustability is second to none and the warranty is free replacement (prior to inspections) for $150, no rebuilds or fixed units. There are 2 units to choose from, the standard, and the inverted units.

Inverted units have an adjustment knob on the bottom of the coilover instead of the top of the unit. The shaft has a protective sleeve on it to keep dirt and debris from damaging the shaft. These are our track version and great for the weekend racer, both drag and autocross.

Here are some of the specs:
30 Levels of Damping Force
   0-8 race track use
   9-14 for mountain autocross use
   15-30 for street use

Pillow Ball Upper Mount
To make a turn, dives can grasp the tiny variables of the track surface. It can also adjust the angle of the wheel to meet all kinds of different road/track conditions.

Sports Spring
Made of an SAE 9254 material, tested to 500,000 cycles with a compression deformation of less then 5%. Its high strength sophisticated surface can deal with the demands of all track/road type events.

Single Cylinder Design
An innovative high rigidity racing design, the single cylinder is the key point to enable the piston to respond quickly and provide more precise steering control.

Ride Height Adjustable
Full-length adjustment and ride height adjustment and separate settings for the height and spring preload. We use T6061 aluminum alloy for the spring and lock sheet. The lightweight design can bear the spring and vehicle down force.

Iron Bracket
To develop the characteristics of the McPherson strut the cast iron was the best choice to keep rigidity and long life of the unit in race applications.

(Only gold is available no more red, sorry)

Product Added: January 14, 2007
Part Number: dfdd00073
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