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Mazdaspeed 3 and 6 Stage 2 HPFP

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Core: $355.00The price of this product is $799.95, and it has a core charge of $355.00 This means we will charge you $1,154.95. To get the core charge back, you must return the core (stock product) in good working order within thirty (30) days of order delivery.
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Need the fuel to support 400... 500... horsepower? We have the solution for you.

We start off with low mileage pump cores (new available on request), then perform/install the following items:

DFDD pump internals
Machined high pressure check valve
Machined high pressure supply line to the fuel rail
Reworked fuel supply passage (inlet to the pump)
Ultrasonic cleaned pump and internals (clears all the debris from the pump as well as any carbon build up)
Professional assembly of the pump to OEM specs

The pump internals have supported 400 WHP alone and the modifications to the stage 2 pump will support an additional 38-40% flow into the fuel rail.

It is common to see idle pressures raised 100 to 150 psi due to these modifications and peak pressures over 2200 psi has been recorded. Mate this up with our HP rail valve and you will see pump pressures into the 2200 to 2300 psi range. Pump pressures this high will support over 600 WHP with the proper tune and injector control.

All our stage 2 pumps come with a free replacement 5 warranty if the pump ever fails (pending pump inspection by us).

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Product Added: February 07, 2010
Part Number: dfdd00304
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