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Mazdaspeed 2.3 Forged Pistons

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Wiseco forged pistons with .250 thick tool steel pins. Designed for the DI'ed motors with a special dome design to deal with the heat of the DI motors.

We have taken these pistons to the next step.

We take the dish of the piston and machine it out to meet the shape of the combustion chamber in the cylinder head. Making these modifications allows for better combustion chamber quench and makes more power than any other piston on the market.

These modifications drop the compression ratio .3 from the already very high 9.5 to 1 compression. Mate this up with our 5 layer gasket to drop it an additional .2 and a more manageable 9.0 to 1.

Click on the options for the machined piston dish.

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Product Added: February 07, 2010
Part Number: dfdd00309
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