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Hyundai Elantra Sport Downpipe

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We are excited to release the next product for the Elantra Sport community!!!
The 1.6 Turbo off-road downpipe. Made with only the highest of quality materials. TIG welded. No check engine lights.
Expected gains are to be 10 to 20 WHP with torque gains being similar across the power band (2000 to 6500 RPM).

T304 material used throughout the build process. Flex section is made of 321 core and external spiral wrap. All pieces are designed to withstand turbo heat and exhaust conditions. Properly mated turbo to exhaust flange with no protrusions or air flow disruption. All welds are TIG with proper back flow and gassed area. No off center cuts for the elbow because we are using pie cut parts to make the proper angle into a 3" bend.

Installation is very easy. Tools required are:
12mm 1/4" deep/shallow sockets
1/4" wobbly
1/4" extensions (2, 4, 6 inch recommended)
1/4" ratchet
O2 sensor tool (7/8" wrench works also)
Pair of pliers
3/8" ratchet
19mm deep/shallow sockets
19mm wrench
Small pry bar or exhaust hanger pliers
Ramps, jack stands, lift, or other way to get under the car.
I will have detailed directions on how to do the removal and install when you place the order for the downpipe at our website over at
Thank you!!!


Tork Motorsports
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Product Added: June 22, 2017
Part Number: dfdd00809
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