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High Pressure Rail Valve

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Looking at options for adding additional fuel is very limited in the Direct Injection Market, we realized that there was a need for an affordable upgrade other than $1000 + for a set of injectors (if you can find a set).

The high pressure rail valve will increase your fuel pressure at the rail to 2200 + psi. This will increase volume through the injector and offer better atomization of the fuel into the combustion chamber. The higher pressure will make the injector 12% to 18% larger than OEM.

You will need an upgraded high pressure fuel pump or fuel pump internals in order to achieve the higher pressure levels, the OEM high pressure pump will not be able to supply the volume or pressure needed for this valve.

The valve quality is exact of the OEM piece. The production items have been tested to meet or exceed the life cycle of the OEM part.

There is one drawback to the valve... we have seen gains up to 25 WHP and 30 WTQ with just the installation of the high pressure rail valve. We assume that the higher fuel pressures are giving a better atomization of the fuel allowing for greater cooling and better flame propagation inside the combustion chamber. I am sure that most will not complain with getting more power from such a simple part!

Tork Motorsports
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Product Added: January 05, 2013
Part Number: dfdd00353
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