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External Gate Stage 3 Exhaust Manifold

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Core: $900.00The price of this product is $225.00, and it has a core charge of $900.00 This means we will charge you $1,125.00. To get the core charge back, you must return the core (stock product) in good working order within thirty (30) days of order delivery.
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Now we are getting to some power!!!

The DFDD stage 3 external gate manifold has made 505 WHP on a stage 3 SST. This is just with the little 38mm WG, if you opt up to the 48mm WG you will see additional gains.

What do we do to the stage 3 manifold?

Install WG flange (all stainless steel flange)
Fill stock WGA flapper hole
Port around the new WG opening to smooth flow
Port around and clean up the WGA flapper hole (clean up welds and what not)

Now for the options:

You can get the street port and polish for $299
This comes with our basic clean up of the runners and full port work around the turbo inlet and outlet of the manifold.

Race port work $399
This comes with full runner porting and polishing with "EXTREME" inlet, elbow and outlet port work. We open up the discharge side of the manifold to its max to get the full potential flow out of the manifold.

Tig weld back side of WGA flapper hole $99
This smoothes the inside runners to allowing no choke points or irregularities in flow up to the scroll area.

Ceramic coat manifold $125
We do the inside and the outside of the manifold, very few do both.

There are options for different external waste gates from 38mm to 48mm and their matching dump tubes to go along with them. All our DPs are built out of T316L stainless steel for long life and durability. Only our dump tubes will work with these WGs so be sure that you order the correct one to match up to the WG that you order.

If you plan on setting any records with your stage 3, this is the must have mod for record setting. Remember to check out our O2 housing and 4 inch exhaust system if you plan on running this manifold.

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Product Added: February 06, 2008
Part Number: dfdd00137
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