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Borg Warner s256

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The new S256.

With a maximum mass flow rate of 55 lbs/min, the S200 is a high-boost and efficient turbo that can flow enough air to support 550 wheel horsepower, yet still spools as fast as most similarly-sized ball-bearing units.
The S256 is a perfect turbos for the daily driver that needs quick spool, efficient enough to run high boost on pump gas and flow enough to tear it up at the track on weekends!

By extending the ends of the compressor wheel, Borg Warner has effectively increased the pressure ratio, efficiency and flow of the entire compressor.
This gives the S200 and S300 pressure ratios and efficiencies that can normally only be had with larger, slower spooling turbos.

The extended fins do not hamper spool-up. The compressor wheel is designed to remove excess weight, reducing overall rotating mass.
Of particular importance is the reduction of weight at the outer edges which is a major factor for reducing inertia.
The weight reduction and where it is reduced allows these compressor wheels to spool FAST.

Product Added: April 30, 2010
Part Number: dfdd00322
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