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Billet Oil Pump Gears and Assembly

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Remove the OEM powdered metal gears and replace them with the DFDD 1045 billet gears!

1045 billet oil pump gears for your SRT4 / 2.4 will eliminate one of the weak links in the oiling system and could potentially save your expensive motor build from an oiling system failure.

One thing to note on the billet gears, when you get your gears you will see some machine marks in the face of the parts. Those surface marks are to provide lubrication to the face and rear of the pump gears when they are inside the pump housing. After carful inspection of several OEM oil pumps we found that the front and rear of the gear(s) show signs of wear and oil starvation in higher RPM applications. These machine marks (very small) provide the additional lubrication to the pump parts providing a long service life of the pump and gears!

Coating or treating the OEM gears will work for a while, but over time they will fatigue and eventually fail. Go with billet gears to save your motor!

At this time we only offer assembled pumps with billet gears. If you need to send us your "new" OEM oil pump so we can install gears for you we can, just send us an email request.

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Product Added: January 05, 2013
Part Number: dfdd00349
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