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4C Stage 1 Tune

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This is going to be the go to tune for any modified 4C driver!

Picking up 40-60 wheel horsepower peak and 70-90 Foot Pounds of wheel Torque. But peak numbers do not tell the whole story picking up nearly 100 ft lbs in the lower RPM band and more than 125 Wheel horsepower in the upper band. Unleashing the monster that truly lies within your 4C!

This is a performance tune, increasing boost, and timing, as well as increasing drivability, and fuel economy.

Longevity, as well as throttle response is addressed with out Stage 1 tune, ensuring that the car is fun, responsive, and long lasting.

Power will continue to hold from the moment you step on the gas, until you are ready to shift, even if waiting until redline.

Tune options include, Express shipping, Spare ECU, O2 Sensor code adjust, and pop's and crackle's exhaust.

All ECU Shipments come with tracking!

Note: Your stock ECU is still required when purchasing a spare ECU in order to ensure the proper calibration file on your new tune!

Tork Motorsports
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Product Added: November 22, 2016
Part Number: dfdd00721
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