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4C 3 Inch Modular Offroad Downpipe

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The first full 3" Downpipe, featuring our modular system, the only one of its kind on the market. This allows our downpipe to be used with any exhaust utilizing stock connections. One quick V-Band swap to the stock exhaust or our 3 inch resonated/straight pipe exhaust!

Pricing Includes one modular exhaust adapter.

Constructed of T304 stainless steel
321 stainless steel flex section
Stainless Steel V-Band Flanges and Clamps
Modular Design allowing use with any current exhaust system
Full mandrel bent tubing
Optional ceramic coat
10-15whp gains non tuned
15-20whp gains tuned

Ceramic Coating Benefits:

A coating will protect your parts from road salts, oil and gas, and other corrosive chemicals. These chemicals can cause rust in a very short period of time which will eventually put holes in your exhaust parts. Some coatings can protect against damage from road debris like rocks, sand/dirt, and other items left scattered on the road (like shredded tires).

A properly matched coating will protect parts from the heat your engine develops which over time, if not properly removed through and efficient exhaust system, will degrade the metal. Even the most heat stable metals like titanium can degrade with high amounts of heat.

And finally exhaust gases that flow through your system are extremely corrosive and can eat away at your exhaust system from the inside out. A good coating can be applied to the inside of pipes to help make sure the exhaust gases and moisture either exit quickly or are burned off.

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For best results pair with our tune!


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Product Added: February 11, 2017
Part Number: dfdd00734
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